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TradeLine ICT is a full-service software development company that delivers complex web and mobile solutions. We are not just good at coding and launching from-scratch projects — our main priority is to identify the pain points of our customers, and to deal with them. We help our customers with the project evaluation, market and competitors research, functionality ideas, and development cost optimization.

TradeLine ICT team cooperates closely with clients from the idea phase of development through launch to ensure that the end product will deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, we do not leave our clients after the project’s release. We continue to support them with the project’s upcoming challenges such as maintenance, scalability, market promotion, analytics, and others.

Being founded in 2008, we’ve successfully launched numerous projects and continue to work with our long-term partners. TradeLine ICT works with startups, established businesses, the world’s leading brands and non-profit organizations from the US, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Israel, Singapore, OAE and Australia. Our members have a deep expertise in fintech, travel, healthcare, real estate and transportation industries. Behind the constant success of TradeLine ICT there is a passionate in-house team based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Being founded in 2008, we’ve successfully launched numerous projects and continue to work with our long-term partners.

Trusted by Clients

Yuri Martsinovsky

I was very happy with their expertise level. TradeLine ICT delivered a quality product, provided testing for it, and made suggestions in order to improve our application.

Yuri Martsinovsky

CEO of Soft Activity

Joel Perrenoud

The thing that i was impressed or surprised by was just the speed in which TradeLine ICT finished tasks. It was actually kind of a challenge to queue up enough work for them. They just went through it so much faster than i expected.

Joel PerrenoudCEO & Co-Founder of Diviac Travel
Nick Stamos

They’ve been very well positioned to deliver our solution since they’d worked on a very similar deployment with some of our counterparts in Switzerland. They’re more than capable of delivering high-quality, tested code, and they’re far less expensive than their American counterparts.

Nick StamosCEO & Co-founder of Sindeo
Dr. Stefan Heitmann

Our internal IT team has been working with TradeLine ICT very successfully for many months. TradeLine ICT not only delivers top notch performance in programming, but — thanks to a great team of smart minds — TradeLine ICT are also a most valuable business partner for us. TradeLine ICT are sharp, very fast in understanding our often most challenging ideas from our world of finance and manage to bring them to life with relentless speed. We enjoy working with TradeLine ICT a lot and I can most highly recommend them.

Dr. Stefan HeitmannCEO & Co-Founder of Moneypark
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